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Ultimate Hero – Trading Systems – 2 November 2023

November 2, 2023| Forex Market

Built for maximum performance. Optimized for profit withdrawals.

Introducing a new option – testing with emulation of profit withdrawals.

Ultimate Hero is an advanced trading tool designed to maximize your forex profits. This advanced trading software is created using the latest GPT-4 technology and has a wide range of advanced features.

Ultimate Hero is a trading bot that uses a grid trading strategy based on the Martingale system. It is designed to provide stable returns by placing multiple trades depending on the prevailing market conditions.
The Expert Advisor uses a grid trading method where it places multiple orders at different price levels, creating a grid around the current market price. With this approach, the bot is constantly in the market, capturing potential price movements in both directions.
Ultimate Hero uses the Martingale trading system to manage risk and ensure profitability. This system involves increasing the size of subsequent trades while maintaining the same profit target, thus minimizing the impact of losing trades and maximizing the potential profit from winning trades.
The trading expert uses advanced algorithms and market analysis tools to optimize trading parameters and make effective trading decisions. It constantly monitors and adjusts settings in real time, which allows the Expert Advisor to remain profitable in any market conditions.
Overall, Ultimate Hero is an intelligent and efficient automated trading solution, making it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced traders.

Key Features
Profit Withdrawal Emulation: An important feature of the Ultimate Hero is the profit withdrawal emulation option. This function allows traders to simulate the real trading process, including profit withdrawal, in a test environment. This emulation helps traders to optimize their trading strategies and adjust various parameters without risking their real funds. In this way, traders can make sure that their trading plans are successful before applying them to real trades.
Application of GPT-4: Ultimate Hero was developed using algorithms based on GPT-4, the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence language model. This gives the robot the ability to analyze complex market conditions and make accurate trading decisions.
Real-time market data: The trading robot uses real-time market data to track market trends and analyze market movements. Based on this information, it selects effective trading actions that can be applied in different market conditions.
Martingale and Grid Strategies: Ultimate Hero utilizes martingale and grid based trading strategies, which are known for their ability to generate significant profits in volatile markets. These strategies are carefully calibrated to ensure optimal trading results.
Customizable parameters: The robot utilizes a unique indicator and advanced trading settings. This allows traders to customize the parameters according to their preferences and risk tolerance.
Testing: 2016-2023 with 100% quality of ICMarkets quotes.

To display the info panel in a separate subwindow, first add a Stochastic or RSI indicator. Otherwise, the info panel will be placed on the main chart.

Stored trading history
Info panel with buttons to close positions and clear trading history
Fixed and automatic position volume
Arithmetic and geometric progressions for position volume calculation
Equity Stop option for closing positions with a specified profit or loss

Balance: EURUSD M5 – $3000, EURUSD M1 – $5000
Permanent withdrawal
Account: low spread
Leverage: 1:500+


Ultimate Hero MT4 EA

Ultimate Hero M1 WT
Ultimate Hero M5 FBS
Ultimate Hero FBS

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