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The Smart Support and Resistance Trading System – Trading Strategies – 13 November 2023

November 13, 2023| Forex Market

Are you tired of feeling like you’re stumbling in the dark when it comes to forex trading?

The struggle to find a reliable indicator is real. If you’ve been through the cycle of using confusing tools that lead to more losses than gains, you’re not alone. It’s a common challenge faced by many traders.
Imagine relying on an indicator for support and resistance, only to find yourself in a maze of uncertainty and financial setbacks. Navigating the forex market can be tough, especially with unreliable tools. This problem isn’t just about losing money; it’s about losing confidence and second-guessing every decision.

Enter the Smart Support and Resistance Trading System – a fresh solution to this widespread issue.

Break free from the frustration of ineffective indicators; the Smart Support and Resistance Trading System is the key to clarity.
With this system, you’re not just getting another indicator; you’re gaining a trustworthy ally. It’s crafted to provide straightforward signals you can count on. Trade with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you’re on the right track.

Say goodbye to the struggle of interpreting market movements. The Smart Support and Resistance Trading System offer a comprehensive solution that adapts to bullish, bearish, and sideways markets. It’s like having a reliable companion for every market situation, empowering you to trade with ease and make informed decisions.

What to expect from this blog post?

Section 1: Definition: What is the Smart Support and Resistance Trading System?
Section 2: Trading Plan: Entire trading plan!
Section 3: Strategies:  We will dive into all the main strategies used in this system and we explain them in detail.
Section 4: Online Course: You can take the entire Free online course right on this blog.
Section 5: Features: know all the features of the smart S&R trading system in detail.
Section 6: Frequently Asked Questions: We will answer all your questions.

Section 1: What is the Smart Support and Resistance Trading System?

The “Smart Support and Resistance Trading System” is an advanced indicator tailored for new and experienced traders. It empowers traders with precision and confidence in the forex market. This comprehensive system combines 7+ strategies, 10 indicators, and various trading approaches, including day trading strategy, swing trading strategy, support and resistance strategy, candlestick patterns strategy, VWAP strategy, multi timeframe trend strategy, and more. It provides arrow signals, entry and exit points, trade alerts, higher timeframe trend analysis, real-time trade monitoring, and insightful trend and volume candle coloring. With automatic support and resistance detection, it’s a multifaceted indicator aiding traders in making informed decisions across diverse market conditions.

The Smart Support and Resistance Trading System is a robust technical analysis approach that incorporates a suite of premium and powerful indicators and tools. 
At its core, this system identifies key support and resistance levels, which serve as critical zones for potential market reversals or continuations. The system seamlessly integrates a Multi-Timeframes Trend Panel, enhancing traders’ ability to assess the prevailing trend direction across different timeframes. Moreover, the Candlestick Patterns Detector scans price charts for essential candlestick patterns, providing valuable insights into potential market movements. Additionally, the inclusion of VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) assists traders in gauging market sentiment and intraday trends which is ideal for day trading.

The Smart Support and Resistance Trading System further offers the Trend Breakout Catcher, which identifies and confirms trend breakouts, helping traders make timely entries and exits. This system also employs Trend and Volume Candles Coloring, which enhances visualization by dynamically coloring candles based on trend strength and volume characteristics.
To empower traders with real-time information, the system includes a Live Spread Indicator with alerts, alerting traders to changing market conditions. A Smart Candle Timer ensures traders remain aware of candlestick closing times, aiding in decision-making.

Finally, the Live Trades Analysis feature prints essential trade statistics directly on the chart, providing traders with actionable insights into their trading performance. By integrating these advanced indicators and tools, the Smart Support and Resistance Trading System offers a comprehensive solution for traders seeking to navigate the markets effectively and with confidence.

Section 2: Entire Trading Plan?

In this section We will dive into an entire trading plan, highlighting the major elements of a complete trading process and what traders in general need to trade effectively.


Section 3: Exploring the Main Strategies

In this section, we’ll explore all the primary strategies offered by the Smart S&R Trading System. We’ll explain each strategy in detail, giving traders a comprehensive understanding of how to use them effectively.

1. Scalping strategy (Using the trend breakout catcher)

This strategy is all about being quick and nimble in your trades. We’ll provide details on how to use it for short-term gains. It’s like being a swift trader, making small but frequent wins in the fast-paced world of forex.
Important Note: The Trend Breakout catcher is the Reason for entry on this specific strategy below! But you can use the Vwap or the Candlestick pattern for the entry reason. by applying the same rules, and replacing the trend breakout catcher with any any of the entry methods mentioned above.

scalping tradelet’s dive into the rules of this strategy and talk about it in detail:

  1. The Price should be below the Trend line.
  2. Check the MTF “Multi-timeframe” Trend for Trend direction confirmation on 2 or 3 higher timeframes it should be the same direction as the entry timeframe.
  3. Wait for the trend breakout catcher to offer an entry in the direction of the trend.
  4. Make sure that the trend candle color is red in bearish set up and green in bearish set up.
  5. Enter at the signal of the trend breakout catcher Arrow.
  6. Put your SL above structure right above the previous high or low “In the above put your SL right the previous lower high”.
  7. After you enter look for a TP of at least 1:1.5 RRR or higher even 1:10 sometimes using good manual trailing stop “remember this is M1 Timeframe”.
  8. Once the TP reaches 1:1 RRR Move your SL to Breakeven.
  9. In some cases you also want to try and set a fixed sl and tp at 1:1.5  RRR and let the trades play their fate. “Found to be reliable and less emotional”.

Lets take the example below and its for you now to apply the above strategy rules and relate to what have been explained.


    2. Trend Following strategy: 

    This strategy is all about catching those trends and making the most of them. We’ll explain how to use it so that you can make precise entries and ride those trends effectively. It’s like catching a wave and riding it all the way to success in your trading.

    In this Strategy We will use a widely recognized methodology by professional Traders all around the world, This strategy aims to simplify the trend following and make it easier for any trader to understand this powerful price action concept.

    What is the concept of this strategy?

    The Main Idea of this strategy is to follow the trend, and look for signals of entries in the direction of the trend.
    To Simplify This strategy I call it TAT as short for Tattoo {Now you can not Forget it ;)}
    TAT Stands For:

    T: Trend: The price is in up trend or down trend.
    A: Area of Interest: The price pulls back to an area of support or resistance as shown below.
    T: Trigger: For this strategy to be more effective you need to use another Indicator like {candle stick pattern or MACD Crossover Or Moving Average Crossover} to find reasons and confirmation of entry and Exits.

    And I Use it with SET stands for:
    S: Stop Loss
    E: Entry
    T: Take Profit

    Does it work on Forex, Stocks and Crypto?

    This strategy In this System Have been tested on different market instruments, and proven to return the same reliable results On all Time Frames:

    What is the Best Timeframe to use this Strategy?

    This Strategy can be used on all time frames (5M, 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H, 1D, 1W), depends on your style of trades, IntraDay trading , Day trading and Swing Trading To Long term Trading as well:

    Alright Let’s get into it:

    What do you see here?

    How About Now?

    Much Better Right! We can see the Price is somehow respecting the red lines.

    Note: These lines are not hand picked they are drawn by an Algorithm, which use past history data to find the Support and Resistance levels.

    Rules of the Strategy:

    1- Define The Trend?

    The Price is overall going up, creating higher highs and respecting the red lines.

    So we are in an UP TREND.

    Rule 1: Up Trend.

    2- Find Support and Resistance Levels?

    Typically in an up trend the price will move back down at the resistance level and will be pushed back up at support levels, That’s what creates the PULL BACK.

    Then the Price will break above the previous Resistance and creates new high, This Cycle Repeats again and again up until the up Trend is Finished.

    Rule 2: Find Support and Resistance levels.

    Finding support and resistance is not only hard but takes a lot of time and energy and even when support and resistance are drawn traders are not 100% sure about the accuracy of these levels and how reliable these level are to be used in the future
    as trading levels.
    that why most banks are developing new tools to help their top traders find a more reliable, accurate and precise levels, off of which they base their
    trading activities.
    Note: All levels in the previous Example are found by Algorithm, The S/R levels Finder.

    Such Algorithm will help find the best and most accurate levels using a smart formula that simulates and out perform the standard ways the traders use
    to find these levels.

    This Indicator will help:

    • Provide accurate and precise levels.

    • Save your time and energy.

    • Alert you when the price is near important level.

    • Send you a phone notification as well when the price level is about to hit.

    3- Define the Impulse and the Pull Back?

    Another way to define the trend is series of impulses and pullbacks:

    Impulse: is a strong move in the direction of the trend.

    Pullback: is a slow move in the opposite direction of the trend.

    Rule 3: Define the impulses and the pullbacks.

    4- Define Chart Patterns at the Pullbacks?

    As a general rule all pullbacks form a chart pattern, It can be simple pattern or a more complex form:

    Rule 4: Find Chart patterns at pullbacks.

    5- Find Price Rejection at the support levels (Candle stick patterns)?

    Pro Tip:
     Always avoid the first pull back as It does not indicate the trend.

    As you can see we are looking for rejection candle stick pattern at the end of the pattern, which is an indication that the price is rejected and will be going up.

    Rule 5: Find Candle stick patterns at the end of the chart pattern.

    Candle Stick patterns are easy to be identified on the chart, once you get familiar with all of them.
    But They are so many types, and Pro Traders, Usually Use Algorithms to help them detect and find these patterns with 
    High precision.
    With this Algorithm you don’t even need to learn any of them The Candle Stick patterns Finder will Detect up to 20 different types of patterns and highlight
    them with Arrows and names of the patterns on the chart, Not only that but it will deliver an Alert to both your computer terminal and your phone as a notification.

    Using this indicator you will be able to:

    • Quickly and easily identify the candle stick patterns, on the chart.

    • The indicator will show, define and highlight the candle stick patterns on the chart.

    • Get Alerted when the candle stick pattern is detected.

    • The alert can be sound alert to the MT4/MT5 terminal as well as a phone notification to your phone.

    6- Wait for the Break out (BO) and Close out (CO) of the chart pattern?

    As you can see the Price broke out of the pattern and close out of the pattern, the closing candle is very important and will be used for trade entry.

    Rule 6: Wait for the Break Out and Close Out of the chart pattern.

    7- Enter at the Close of the Break out/ Close out candle ?

    Once the break out and close out candle ends enter before the opening of the new candle.

    Rule 7: Enter at the Break Out and Close Out of the chart pattern.

    8- Put your Stop Loss Just Below/Above the Chart Pattern?

    Buy Trade: 

    Stop Loss should always go below the chart pattern in the case of a buy trade, Because If the price comes back and breaks below the chart pattern in  a buy trade that would invalidate the trade.

    Sell Trade:

    Stop Loss should always go Above the chart pattern in the case of a sell trade, Because If the price comes back and breaks above the chart pattern in  a sell trade that would invalidate the trade.

    Rule 8: Put your Stop Loss Just Below/Above the Chart Pattern.

    9- Put the Take Profit at 1:2 risk reward ratio?

    Put the Take profit in double the level of the stop loss which means that if your are risking $500 on the SL, the Take Profit should be $1000.

    Rule 9: Put your Take Profit at 1:2 risk to reward ratio.

    10- Move Stop Loss to Breakeven when the Profit Reaches 1:1.5 risk reward?

    Get to the Zone of Risk Free Trade by moving your SL to the breakeven which is the entry level plus 1 pip to cover the commission as well.

    Then the trade is completely Risk free its either winning 2% of your capital of not loosing anything at all.

    Rule 10: Move the SL To BE Plus 1 pip For a Risk Free Trade.

    4. Custom Strategies

    In this section, we’ll discuss how you can customize your trading approach to match your own preferences and needs. It’s like having a tailored suit for your trading style – it fits you perfectly, making your journey in the forex market more comfortable and rewarding.

    Section 4: Free Online Course

    We have Compiled the entire online course of the smart S&R trading system in one video for convenience, and now right in the below video you can take the entire online course: Coming soon…

    Section 5: Indicator Features

    These features collectively provide a comprehensive toolkit for traders to navigate the complexities of the forex market:

    1. Non-repainting, non-redrawing, and non-lagging indicators: These are indicators that provide stable and accurate signals without changing past data or causing delays in signal generation. They offer a reliable view of market conditions.
    2. Max Activations: This feature provides traders with the advantage of unlimited flexibility. It means that the Smart S&R Trading System can be activated on multiple Meta Trader terminals and computers for a lifetime. This level of freedom allows traders to utilize the system across various platforms and devices without limitations, making it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced traders. Whether you prefer trading on different terminals or need to access your indicators on multiple devices, the 20 activations feature ensures that you have the freedom to do so, enhancing your trading convenience and adaptability.

    2. Multiple Strategies: The system includes various approaches to trading, allowing traders to choose strategies that suit their preferences and market conditions.

    3. 7+ strategies: Within the Smart S&R Trading System, you have access to more than seven different trading strategies, offering flexibility in your trading approach.

    4. Multiple Indicators Approach: This feature combines various indicators to provide a comprehensive and nuanced analysis of the market.

    5. 10 Indicators all in one: The system integrates ten different indicators into a single tool, simplifying the trading process.

    6. Day trading strategy: This strategy is designed for traders who prefer short-term trades, allowing them to make quick decisions and execute trades within a single day.

    7. Swing trading strategy: This strategy is ideal for traders who focus on capturing price swings over a slightly longer timeframe, usually holding positions for a few days to weeks.

    8. Trend following strategy: A strategy that helps traders identify and ride trends, aiming to maximize profits during sustained market movements.

    9. Reversal strategy: This strategy focuses on identifying potential trend reversals, helping traders take advantage of market shifts.

    10. Scalping strategy: Scalping is a high-frequency, short-term trading approach designed to capture small price movements for quick profits.

    11. Custom strategies: Traders can tailor their own trading strategies based on their unique preferences and requirements.

    12. Prop firm strategies: Using the strategies included in this smart system you can now pass your prop firm, by using a reliable trading tool.

    13. Arrow signals: The system generates arrow signals to indicate entry and exit points, making it easy for traders to understand when to act.

    14. Entry and exit points: These points are crucial for effective trading, indicating where to enter a trade and when to exit it.

    15. Trade entry alerts: These alerts inform traders about opportunities to enter trades based on the system’s signals.

    16. Trade exit alerts: Alerts that guide traders on when to close their positions, locking in profits or minimizing losses.

    17. Higher timeframe trend: This feature offers insights into trend analysis on longer timeframes, helping traders make more informed decisions.

    18. Live trade analysis: The system provides real-time analysis of ongoing trades, offering valuable information as positions progress.

    19. Multi-timeframes trend scanner: This tool scans multiple timeframes to provide a comprehensive understanding of the market’s direction.

    20. Trend catcher: A feature designed to identify trend breakouts and signal the emergence of new trends.

    22. Automatic Support and resistance stars: These are key price levels in the market are used as stoploss and take profit levels.

    24. Trailing stop Line: A mechanism for adjusting stop-loss levels based on the strength of the trend, helping to minimize risk.

    25. Volume candle color: A feature that uses candle colors to indicate volume changes and their impact on the market.

    26. Trend candle color: This tool uses candle colors to provide information about the direction of the trend.

    27. Reversal candle color: Similar to trend candle colors, this feature uses candle colors to identify potential reversals.

    28. Candle timer: A timer that helps traders keep track of candlestick intervals and make timely decisions.

    29. Spread limit: This feature helps traders set limits on the spread, ensuring they are aware of trading costs.

    Section 6: Your Questions Answered

    In this section, we’ll address common questions that traders may have about the Smart S&R Trading System. We’ll provide detailed answers to ensure readers have a clear understanding of the system and how it can benefit their trading.

    1- FAQs

    Q: How much does it cost:
    A: Current Price $60, Future Price $250!

    Q: On how many MT4/MT5 terminals can I use this Indicator?
    A: All our indicators come with 20 Activations, which means unlimited Meta Trader terminals and unlimited computers for life time.

    Q: What is the Real Time Analytics?
    A: Its new enhanced Algorithm that shows the number of pips of the open trades as they progress until the trade is closed, these info are then used
    to create the total trades stats. (Note: Trades Closings are based on Aggressive TP)

    Q: Do you Sell outside of the Mql5 community?
    A: Absolutely not, Its is against the rules of mql5 community and anybody who sells using our brand name is a scam and should be avoid at any cost.

    Q: Can I use it on all timeframes and all markets?
    A: YES, It Can be used on All Markets and All Timeframes.

    Q: Can I use this custom indicator on multiple charts?
    A: Yes, you can use the custom indicator on multiple charts. Simply add it to each chart from the Navigator window.

    Q: Can I use this custom indicator on multiple trading accounts?
    A: Yes, You can use it on unlimited trading accounts (with our unlimited activations).

    Q: How do I install this custom indicator I purchased?
    A: To install the custom indicator you purchased, follow these steps:

    1. If you still didn’t buy the indicator by clicking the buy button above.
    2. Refresh the page and you will see Install button.
    3. Click install the web page will ask your to open MetaTrader, Click Confirm.
    4. Open MetaTrader and go to “Navigator” -> “Indicators” -> “Market”, you will see your newly bought indicator listed.
    5. double click or click and drag to the chart.
    6. setting window will open, custom your preferred setting and confirm.

    Q: Do you have the other version of Meta Trader?
    A: The versions of this system are here:

    Q: What’s the formula used?
    A: The indicator has a Smart algorithm formula that we can not reveal to the public but rest assured its robust.

    Q: Does it show SL and TP? and What is the red and green boxes?
    A: No, The green and red boxes are used for demonstration only.

    Q: Can this Indicator Alert me on Email and Phone when buy and sell signals are detected ?
    A: Yes, you will be able to enable alerts in the setting panel.

    Q: How to integrate this Indicator in my trading?
    A: This trading system is a stand alone Indicator, and a combination of 10 indicators that you can use to trade different strategies and integrate with any other trading system.

    Q: How do I customize the settings of the custom indicator?
    A: To customize the settings of the custom indicator, double-click on it in the Navigator window or drag it onto the chart. A settings window will appear, allowing you to adjust the parameters as per your preference.

    Q: Does the custom indicator repaint or redraw its signals?
    A: Definitely NOT, This Indicator is Non-Repainting And Non-redrawing Indicator

    Q: Can I get support or assistance with using the custom indicator?
    A: Yes, if you have any questions or need assistance with using the custom indicator, you can contact us through the MQL5 website or the provided contact information.

    Q: How can I backtest the custom indicator’s performance?
    A: To backtest the custom indicator, open the Strategy Tester in MetaTrader 4/5, select the indicator, choose the desired settings, and run the test on historical data.

    Q: What are the settings of this indicator?
    A: This indicator offers full control over everything:

    • Control the Modes.
    • Control the appearance of the indicator.
    • Control number of bars to analyze.
    • Control Alerts.
    • Control thickness of elements.
    • Control the colors of elements.
    • Show hide of all elements using button or Hotkey.
    • Change position of the button.

    2- Ask Your Question

    Do you have a question about the Smart S&R Trading System? We’re here to help and make things easy for you. Feel free to ask any question, no matter how big or small it may seem. Whether you want to know more about the strategies, indicators, or how to use this system for your trading, we’ve got you covered.
    Just leave your question in the comments below. Our experts are ready to provide you with the answers you need. Your questions are important to us, and they guide us in making your trading experience better. So go ahead, ask your questions, and let’s work together to reach your goals in the forex market!


    Trading can often feel like a puzzle with missing pieces. You’re not alone if you’ve struggled with indicators that only add to the confusion. Many traders face this problem.

    The good news? The Smart S&R Trading System is here as a solution. It’s not a promise of overnight success, but it does bring clarity and simplicity to your trading. 

    Say goodbye to the days of uncertainty, and hello to a tool that provides clear signals. No more struggling to figure out the market; this system adapts to all situations.

    If you’ve ever felt lost in the trading world, take a step toward clarity with the Smart S&R Trading System. It’s your way out of the confusion. Your journey to success in the forex market starts here.

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