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The Fed’s pause can see further demand for carry – ING

November 2, 2023| Forex Market


The Fed’s decision to leave rates unchanged has seen interest rate volatility drop and high-yielding currencies start to perform well again, economists at ING report.

Fed pause renews interest in the carry trade

Despite the Fed retaining a tightening bias, it seems investors are more interested in reading and trading a Federal Reserve pause. This has seen interest rate volatility drop and triggered renewed demand for high-yielding FX through the carry trade.

We continue to see upside potential for AUD/CNH. This would normally be a weak environment for the Yen as well, meaning that we cannot rule out USD/JPY retesting 152. 

US data will determine whether the Dollar can generally hold steady in this carry trade environment or whether weaker US data finally triggers a more meaningful and broad-based Dollar correction.


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