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T Manager Plus, Smart Money Concept Charting and order management – Other – 25 October 2022

October 25, 2022| Forex Market


T Manager Plus is a combination of a previous utility published by “Trade with a T” including advanced charting utilities with a single goal to keep help traders analyze, plan, execute and manage their trades on a single platform.

More details about T Manager can be found under the following link: T Manager, easy to use order and risk manager

As a trader, and active in a couple of trading communities, a problem I face is doing my analysis on a platform while I need to execute my trades on another. Meta trader includes basic charting features. T Manger Plus builds on those features and helps you optimize your time and fasten your analysis by adding automation and structure.

Those features are mainly inspired by smart money concept trading, to help identify structure, demand and supply zone, multiple timeframe analysis, and others.


  1. A crosshair can be enabled or disabled from the parameters with configurable color and style.
  2. Shift power, while holding the shift button on your keyboard you can achieve multiple useful actions on your charts like:
  • Putting a trendline or arrow line (MT5) to the horizontal, highly used to plot breaks of structure or changes of character on your charts.
  • Extend a rectangle to the extreme right of the chart, to highlight your order blocks, fair value gaps, and supply and demand zones.
  • Pushing a price label or a text label to the extreme right of the chart
  • One Timeframe, One color: T Manager Plus splits the timeframes into 5 categories: position, swing, daily, inter daily, and 15 minutes and below. Each category has its own charting colors applied to all objects of this particular category. Personally, I only use 3 of those categories for my analysis.
  • Unlimited Keyboard shortcuts for automated labels: by default, hitting P will plot the price label on the chart on the mouse’s current position. You can configure as many shortcuts and corresponding labels.
  • Faster market structure highlights: hitting V when the mouse is above a candle will plot a marker above the candle, if the mouse is below the candle the marker will be plotted below it. A great fast feature to highlight market lows and highs and visually identify the trend.
  • Click U to update your chart: Any rectangle on the chart marked as extendible, will be extended to the extreme right of the chart when the U key is clicked. Have a look at our YouTube video for better usage.

    If the market shows an interest in this tool, a couple of cool features will be added:

    1. Multi chart sync cross hair
    2. Multi chart scroll synchronization
    3. Automatic drawing synchronization between charts
    4. And other exciting features…

    Don’t hesitate to share with us other ideas, we will be glad to add those for you!


    You can find a full demo of “T Manager” and “T Manager Plus” on our YouTube channel : Trade with a T.

    Don’t hesitate to subscribe and activate the notifications to get our latest videos.

    T Manager Plus:

    A Practical Example how to use it:

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