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Proof of LiteForex scam

September 16, 2021| Forex Market

Proof of Lite Forex Scam – #LiteForex Grants Virtual Accounts To IB To Scam Customers. Prestige Forex will summarize and detail the sophisticated fraud process of LiteForex IB floor as follows:

Posting Philosophical Status, showing interest

Today, when surfing Facebook, an admin of Prestige Forex saw a nick named Huynh Chinh posting a photo showing off his profits, then checked and discovered the truth about Lite Forex and their IB (Introducing Broker) floor as follows:

Use Martingale EA and Big Account to execute orders

If the bot says that this command is urgent, it will burn anyway, then that friend replies to the comment and gives me the pasview. After checking, I saw that this bot entered an order of 0.02 and locked 1 USD while this account reached 8000 USD mainly to collect losses and fold orders, and the account has only just started trading in May 2021.

More sophisticated, this is an account made available by LiteForex and given to IB to scam customers

Check more closely, When I moved back to September 2020, I found that LiteForex account MT4 code with ID 554078 has been pre-loaded with more than 8000 USD from September 13, 2020, until May 2021 to start trading. first command. So obviously, this is one of the virtual accounts granted by Lite Forex to IB to run a bot to get a nice trading history to hit the greed of investors.

LiteForex floor accounts are created for IB to use as a tool to scam customers

When I wrote this article, the LiteForex Classic MT4 account still hasn’t changed the passview, I’ll post it if you like it, come check it out, if you can’t see it, I’ll go back and post it on my Chicken Trader Youtube Channel.


MT4 ID: 554078

password: abcd1234

Everyone, be careful with the fraudulent tricks of the LiteForex exchange and the fraudulent IB.”

Video Proof of Lite Forex broker and scam staff:

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