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“PRIME Mastermind™ 2023” +88 Expert Features in One Indicator, Powerful Even For Beginners [Guaranteed 100% Profits] – Analytics & Forecasts – 19 February 2023

February 19, 2023| Forex Market

► Secret Trading Strategy #1 for Forex Success in 2023 | Guaranteed 100% Profits, Even for Beginners, How?!  

  • Take a moment to watch our tutorial videos and simple presentations to learn more about how our indicators can help you achieve your trading goals. If you are open-minded and want to find valuable tips, feel free to try our indicator yourself with a free trial download. See how our proven and tested tools make a difference in your Forex trading strategy.
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   “Step Forward as a Great Beginner in Forex Trading with the ‘PRIME Mastermind™ 2023’ Expert Tool”

  • Are you new to the Forex trading industry and tired of sifting through basic information and subjective opinions? Look no further! Our expert-created tools provide a fast and practical solution to help you achieve your goals and become a master in the Forex market. Get started on the path to success today!


“Advanced Multi-Functional Forex Indicator with LongTerm, ShortTerm & Scalping Strategies | Accurate Trend & Reversal Signals |  Maximize Your Forex Trading Success with Our Multi-Functional Indicator”


   “Do you want to take your Forex trading to the next level? “

  • Our unique indicator provides multi-functional analysis for LongTerm, ShortTerm, and Scalping strategies, along with early warnings of trend and reversal emergence. Become your own indicator and trade with confidence and safety. Get real-time, practical information all in one place – no need to sift through endless general theories. Our product provides a clear, professional representation of all the support information you need for your decision making. Experience the benefits of a single indicator with dozens of strategic functions, all for a fraction of the cost of other similar products.

   “Streamline Your Forex Trading with Our All-In-One Indicator Solution”

  • As a professional trader, you need access to accurate and reliable information in real-time. We understand that you don’t want to waste your time wading through general theories and complex information. That’s why we’ve created a product that brings all the support information you need right to your screen. Based on “what you see is what you get” principle, we’ve professionally and clearly collected all the real-time information in one practical, easy-to-use tool. Perfect for both expert traders and newcomers, our indicator covers dozens of strategic functions, giving you a single solution to maximize your Forex trading success. Don’t miss out on this valuable tool, even though you might find something similar, it won’t be as good as ours and a lot more expensive!

   “Transform Your Forex Trading with Our Proven and Tested Indicator”

  • Our Forex indicator is the result of thorough testing and development from our education division. In just one week, you can start experiencing the benefits of using our product. Our algorithm provides real-time guidance 24 hours a day, making it a valuable virtual partner as you make decisions and execute trades safely and responsibly.
  • The PRIME Navigator™ indicator provides a comprehensive and integrated solution for traders to analyze market trends and make informed trading decisions. When combined with PRIME Shadows™ and PRIME Timing™, it becomes a powerful tool for traders to optimize their strategies and improve their trading results. With the addition of the best time signals, traders can get a clear visual representation of market trends and understand the opportunities that exist.. The combination of these three products is designed to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for traders of all levels.


Explanation of important functions

Information that can be simply described but over time, all of this information becomes POWERFUL

8 Pairs against indicators analysis [MA, STOC, CCI, RSI, MACD, WPR] Analysis of 6 popular indicators that provide impact information about the current state of the market according to the timeframe listed. Helps analyze world financial market trends / sideways conditions represented by 8 major pairs [default].
8 Timeframes against indicators analysis [MA, STOC, CCI, RSI, MACD, WPR] Analysis of 6 popular indicators that provide impact information about the current state of the market according to the pairs listed. Help simultaneously 8 timeframes of world financial market trend analysis / sideways condition of a pair [default].
Pivot, Resistent 1-3, Support 1-3 Analysis of the Pivot, Resistance and Support functions which are world standards, the process of recording and charting automatically every day applies to every active pair.
Color Chart illustrates Analysis of trend conditions by utilizing color conditions from the chart. Customize for each timeframes uniquely. Helps relieve confusion from using candlesticks that are no longer relevant to use when world markets influence each other.
Red & yellow arrows Unique analysis on timeframe and each pair. Regarding the prediction function, there will be a trend direction. It is very wise if the existence of this signal can be synchronized first with similar pairs & the same volatility period, the more the same support, the better the analysis will be.
Icon volatility chart on peaks and valleys Analyze the signs of peaks or valleys that are furthest away from the pair’s price volatility, which are helpful signals that the direction is Overbought and Oversold. Assist in precautions against going with the flow & preparing for a [wait & see] reversal.
Arranging elapsed time = weeks, days and hours Time movement analysis, so that current events and time conditions of each world market can be analyzed. It is important to know the market opening schedule in 3 dominant continents/countries [automatically]
The shadows of the 8 listed pairs The function aligns the graph graph of the average number of registered pairs simultaneously presented on the monitor screen. Helps to accurately analyze the possible rhythmic or distorted movements of each pair. Provides unique information opportunities for each pair both trending and sideways.
Lots of recommendations & strategies featured Dozens of recommendations & analysis, not all of which can be explained one by one in writing, because the parts can only be enjoyed visually. The good news is that each part is an important series in a single unit of information that becomes the direction of action for every trader’s decision in execution, resulting in safer & more responsible actions. Autopilot control will be obtained if you have done exploration and observation consistently & persistently. [tested]
 Personal Settings Periodic looping function is available on 8 pairs and/or 8 timeframes. It is possible to change the setting data from the default according to the character of each individual.


 PRIME Mastermind™ 2023, recently released to the public 

Don’t wait until it’s too late, take action now and try our product for free with our trial/demo download. We are confident that our product is exactly what you need as your personal Mastermind analyst for your trading business, not just now but also in the future, including for BITCOIN securities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and try it today!

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