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Optimus PrimeX: Best NASDAQ Index Fund Trading Robot – Trading Systems – 20 November 2023

November 20, 2023| Forex Market


  1. Elevating your NASDAQ Trading Experience
  2. AI-driven NASDAQ robot
  3. Low Risk, Low Rewards
  4. Stable System
  5. Get it for free Today!

Elevating Your NASDAQ Trading Experience!

We all know that predicting the stock market is tough and almost impossible, especially in this chaotic era we live in, You need not only to have your technical analysis right, but you need also to watch BBC and other news channels to see what is going on around the world because that has a significant impact to forex and stock market, We could wake up into a stock market crash caused by some unexpected war or a disease like COVID who knows.

Trading forex has even become tough these days, with too many HFT algorithmic trading going on, price fluctuations are inevitable. The remaining space stable I could think of is trading Stocks and Index Funds, that’s why most of my trading robots are built around the NASDAQ index.

AI-driven NASDAQ robot trained to Stick to the basics

As we all know unlike forex instruments like EURUSD with no value and can be manipulated by the banks, there is value in NASDAQ which is an index fund presenting the value of more than 100 US companies with APPLE, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, TESLA and, META(FACEBOOK) being on the driver seat, NASDAQ is the most valuable index fund in the world if you ever traded the NASDAQ you know this a single pip of this index has more value in terms of Profit and Loss than all of the Forex Symbols, so why not focus on Index funds rather than keep on losing money in Forex instruments.

This trading robot is a a successor of my previous work RobotInNasdaq  which I no longer sell on the MQL5 market, This comes with additional advantages that weren’t in my prior robot including:

AI-driven approach

If you were lucky enough to use my previous work you may have detected that the strategy was hardcoded and the EA was too predictable, This time AI models were trained to find suitable spots to open trades for quick profit, this is manifested in the positions history of this EA:

Nasdaq trades EA

The robot enters and exits the market quickly for a profit.

Low Risk, Low Reward

Some trading expert one day told me, “Have realistic expectations”, I will never forget that because it is true if you want to be a successful trader, unlike my previous product this EA follows this principle through its money management algorithm, If you look at the inputs of this EA you will see.


which represents how much you are risking per each trade. The default value is 10% which means you are risking 10% of either the Account Balance or the Equity instructed in by the following input risking which tells the EA based on what are you trying to risk.

In this case EQUITY was selected meaning 10% of the Account Equity is risked per each trade you are opening this EA opens 3 trades maximum you can be sure it risks 30% Maximum, this situation rarely happens, but the probability of it happening is 1/10 (rare), you can be sure that your money is in safe hands.

On average this EA generates about 13% of your account balance every month !!! not exceptional right? 

Yes, that’s true, Lets be honest, I know you might wanna see your account grow from 100$ to 10000$ in a month but that is unreal there is no free and easy money in this tough world we live in, to be able to make that amount in that short time it requires high-risk trading which is going to end up against you and eat all your capital 90% of the time, that’s why you hear the phrase 90% of traders don’t make money. That being said this is what you can expect this EA to make for you: Default risk settings 10% account risk applied:

  1. 130$ a month for a 1000$ balance
  2. 1300$ a month for a 10000$ balance
  3. 13000$ a month for a 100000$ balance so on and forth

You can increase or decrease your risk percent as it pleases you, increasing the risk percent means making more money and risking more and vice versa

We recommend an account balance of not less than 1000$ for risk-free trading as the NASDAQ has more value in itself, even though an ideal amount is 3000$. Also the leverage of your account to be 1:500, You’ll thank me later

Stable System

This EA is stable in terms of performance and you can be sure it is well trained, but wait a second. There is no stop loss in the system isn’t that bad. Let me explain; During training the system calculated the worst that can happen using Naive Bayes Probability theorem algorithms using less than 10% risk settings for a 3000$ balance, I figured out that chances that the NASDAQ index will crash that bad for a trade to eat all of the account balance is so tiny, 1/100 = 0.01% something that happens once in a lifetime and may not happen while you are alive or your kids either.

Remember we are talking about an index that carries value!!! makes sense right

We are not guessing or gambling here every one of this EA’s moves is calculated for the worst to make this EA one of the best as we believe it is.

Give it a Shot for Free Today

I decided to create a free signal offered by this EA so you’ll get the free trading signals from this EA Linked here >>

This Signal is temporary and may be removed at any time, it is made specifically to turn non-believers into believers and also to show love for those without the funds to purchase the system at the moment the system costs.

Link to the product: Optimus PrimeX >>

optimus prime nasdaq robot price

These prices are subject to increase at any time as there are 3 copies left for 250$ buying price of the next copies will be 350$ each, we’ll see about the renting options

 For more information about testing the robot see the video:

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