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Italo Volume – Be Profitable and Consistent with The Best Volume on the Forex Market – Trading Strategies – 3 November 2022

November 3, 2022| Forex Market

 Let’s see More trades with this Amazing Indicator

The Indicator has an Edge over the market as you can see bellow with stable growth!

italo volume indicator

See, the majority of the time the Italo Volume Indicator profit from the market, the probability is on our side!

italo volume indicator mt4

As you can see, the Indicator works in All Time-frames. 

See more results now in a white background, a buy trade

italo volume forex

Now a sell trade

best volume indicator

And of course, you will have alerts when the volume appears

volume italo indicator

Amazing profit, stability an edge over the market, with a professional volume indicator, which is amazing!

I recorded a tutorial, showing everything about Italo Volume Indicator, take a look:

As you could see, the Italo Volume Indicator is different from most Indicators,  finally you can trade with confidence and peace of mind, lets see again the benefits of Italo Volume Indicator:

1 – Unique Algorithm 

2 – Predict Trends

3 – Filter Consolidation

4 – Show wave and candle volume at the same time

5 – Time-frames: All

6 – Assets: All

7 – Easy to use, does not overload charts with unnecessary information

8 – Does not repaint

9 – Alerts on charts when the wave or candle volume appears

10 – Full customization: Color, styles and size of wave volume

11 – Excellent product support

trend indicator metatrader

Now You have the opportunity to trade with an Indicator that really works!

    TK45                     fr56

 Italo Volume Indicator (MT4)                           Italo Volume Indicator (MT5)

best trend indicator

 For any questions related to the purchase, installation, backtesting and use of the Indicator, send me a private message on my profile here on mql5

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