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FREE Trading Signal with Zone Recovery Strategy : Avatar Trading Signal No.29 – Trading Strategies – 10 November 2023

November 10, 2023| Forex Market


ZONE RECOVERY STRATEGY, FREE TRADING SIGNAL, Risk-Free Execution with Your Demo Account.

FREE Signal/Try on your Demo account. 3.63% monthly growth of past record using “Zone Recovery Strategy”, 81.5% Profit Trade rate, 2.67 Profit Factor, 2.4% Max-DD. Find detailed stats and descriptions at this link.

Trading signals using the Zone Recovery Strategy on the EURUSD currency pair. Zone Recovery Strategy is a simple but powerful strategy that has been popularly adabted specifically to create expert advisors for Forex trading.


– From the existing market price The expert advisor will set pending orders for both the buy and sell sides with hard take profit levels.

– When the price moves to the pending buy or sell level, the expert advisor will be executed with the initial lot.

– When the price moves to the Take Profit level, the Expert Advisor will automatically close the order.

– In situations where the market price reverses direction before the price reaches the Take Profit level, an opposite pending order will be available to be executed to ensure that our combination of order will be profitable.

The strategy comes with a warning: This strategy uses the Martingale lot execution method, The initial capital involved in the initial order must be carefully considered, And profits shall be withdrawned regularly.

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