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Tick Scalper Best Forex Robot – MT4 Forex EA

Tick Scalper Best Forex Robot is a fast tick scalper EA that works based on tick averages applied against the trend. This EA can open several trades simultaneously with their respective SL, looking for a break-even point to close gains or minimize losses.

This EA has options of three levels of risk to operate with different capitals. According to its developer, This EA does not work correctly on backtesting, so it is necessary to try on a demo account. The EA can be used in any market condition and works with any currency pair.

Tick Scalper uses stop-loss for each open position and If the order or multiple orders go into profit, the EA breakeven all trades. It also doesn’t use any dangerous strategy like martingale.


Recommended deposit for this Forex Bot
LOW RISK of $ 1,000 with a minimum lot 0.01 3 currency pairs (e.g., EURUSD USDCHF USDJPY);
MEDIUM RISK of $ 300 with minimal lot 0.01 on 1 currency pair (e.g., EURUSD);
HIGH RISK of $ 100 with minimum lot 0.01 on 1 currency pair (e.g. EURUSD);
Work Best On EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY. (works with any currency pair)
Time Frame Doesn’t matter.
A floating spread is recommended


Test your Forex EA and Strategy on Forex Tester or an demo account first before investing with live account. Reccomended Forex Brokers:





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