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Follow Price Action Trends

This is a forex system based solely on reading the price action. It is a trend following
system that focuses on points in the market where the trend is about to change its
direction, enters the market trying to ride the newly formed trend all the way to its finish
line. By doing this in the correct way, this system has the potential to deliver thousands
of pips in the long run because shortly after a trend ends, usually another one emerges
preceded by a small period of consolidation. It sounds simple, but the key component of
this price action system is to correctly identify the current trend, know when a change in
direction of the trend is about to take place and then manage the new developing trend in
a way that allows you to ride it until it ends. All of this is done by carefully reading the
price action without the use of any technical indicators, magical formulas and other
nonsense like that.
This is not a very easy thing to do as you must pay great attention to every single detail
of the price action, but once you get the hang of it trading this way will make you very
profitable in the long run. This book explains with very great detail all of the above and
gives you the complete trading system with clear entry, stop loss and exit rules, rules
that if respected to the letter, can bring you hundreds of pips for every trade you make.
Let us move on now to the core part of this forex system which is the trend.

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