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Charts Symbol Changer And Synchronizer – MT4 indicator

Charts Symbol Changer And Synchronizer

Charts Symbol Changer And Synchronizer is designed to change the trading instrument for current, all or selected charts, timeframe change, and for simultaneous movement in history (automatically or on click) all charts. The list of symbols is read from the “market Overview”. You can change the color, size, and position of the buttons. Charts synchronization occurs at the time of the first visible bar in the active chart when you click the sync button or when you move the mouse/keyboard in automatic mode. The TF can be changed using the cursor keys: left/right, and the trading symbols – up/down.

The buttons for the 8 major currencies allow you to open charts from the set of currency pairs (taken from the market overview or from the user string). The template for new charts can be specified in the “Template name for new charts” parameter. When changing the currency, the templates of the current charts are saved, and the pair’s currencies are replaced on the charts opened by the indicator. When you select the money again, the corresponding templates are loaded.

Duplicate mode allows you to copy objects to all the charts of the existing tool at once.

The global crosshair gives you to view the price actions of the specified bar on the selected charts.

Note! Due to the features of the functions used, the utility does not work in the strategy tester. Installing the Indicator on a chart with an EA can cause slowdowns.

List of features of Charts Symbol Changer And Synchronizer:

Switch trading instruments for the current/selected/all charts.
Switch trading devices with the cursor keys up/down.
Switching trading tools for all/selected charts when changing on the main chart (the primary chart is the chart with the utility installed).
Highlight the buttons of trading musical instruments using the mouse button.
Preset list of trading instruments: all the current instruments included from the market overview window or the user’s set of trading instruments.
Switch TF for current/all charts.
Select a set of TF buttons.
Change TF with the cursor secrets – left/right.
Switch TF for all charts when changing the TF of the main chart.
Zoom of the current/selected/all charts.
Opening chart windows for all those available currency pairs for one of the 8 major currencies with saving and restoring the chart template for the power.
Manual or automatic synchronization of charts with the primary chart
Hotkey “S” for syncing charts.
Automatic switching between trading instruments with a specified interval and direction. There are 3 modes available: all symbols, selected icons, and symbols with open positions.
Automatic switching between TFs with a set interval.
The ability to change the color of the buttons, the anchor angle, the offset from the edge, the size, font, the number of buttons in the row, the placement subwindow, setting the transparency mode for the utility buttons and TF.
Multi-character mode for displaying objects only of the existing trading instrument when switching.
Copy, synchronize, and control the display of most of the available graphical items on the charts of the corresponding trading instrument when they are created and/or moved in the main chart.
Ability to ignore objects with the specified prefixes.
The capability to delete objects when switching a trading instrument with the specified prefixes or all of them.
Capability to disable (hide) control keys of unused functions.
Ability to cover/screen all utility buttons for the current TF.
Highlight the border color of the button for profit/loss of open up positions on trading equipment.
Bar selection function for analyzing the price behavior inside it (highlighting and scrolling to the center of the chart of the corresponding bars on the smaller TFs).
Disable auto-scroll charts for auto-sync mode and highlight the candle range.
Disable the slideshow mode and cancel the delete request by pressing the ESCAPE key
Global crosshair feature that displays and synchronously moves the crosshair on the current/selected/all charts
The utility can work in three settings: single, main and auxiliary. This feature allows you to configure the energy to manage the global crosshair from any chart.
The ability to color highlighting of currency pair families by base currency.

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