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Algorithmic also known as automated trading involves making buy and sell transactions on the financial market using specially designed trader robots. In the trading platform the programs can also be known as Expert Advisors and EAs.

Trading robots conduct price analysis using preset algorithms, decision-making techniques and the resulting the execution of trading transactions on the market.

Robots for trading are extensively employed in financial trading and the proportion of automated transactions compared to trading manual is expanding. A computer program offers many advantages:

It never stops getting tired.
It isn’t susceptible to stress.
It is based on a pre-selected algorithm
It is quick to respond to market shifts.

A distinct part of algorithmic trading comprises high-frequency trading (HFT). The name suggests that trading operations are conducted at high speed and with a frequency. The platform offers all the tools necessary to do this:

Rapid and effective trading robots programming the language MQL5
Orders are made via the platform and are processed on the trade server with the shortest delay
The renting of a online platform in conjunction with the broker can help minimize the impact of network delays

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