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AUSSIE VICTOR – HOW TO TEST AND USE ON LIVE ACCOUNT – Analytics & Forecasts – 19 October 2023

October 19, 2023| Forex Market

To test the EA: 

1: Download the setfiles here:

2: Load the setfile you want to use.

3a: In the user inputs menu, write the ticker for AUDCAD in the input called “Symbol traded”(the second input from top in the menu). On most brokers the ticker is AUDCAD, but some brokers use suffixes, for example AUDCAD.r, AUDCAD.HKT,  AUDCAD.ecn. Write the ticker as it is written in the market watch on your MT5 terminal. 

3b: For faster testing, set the input called “show EA info on chart” to false.

4: Select time frame H1

5: Select symbol AUDCAD

6: Use every tick or 1 minute OHLC testing model

7: Press start.

To use the EA on live account:  (Do not use any other EA’s on the same account)

1: At the top menu of your MT5 terminal go to “Tools”->”Options” and click on the “Experts” tab. At the bottom of the tab check the box called “Allow webrequest for listed URL” -> paste this URL in the field below:

2: Download the setfiles for the EA here:

3: Drag the EA to AUDCAD H1 chart and load the set file you want to use, insert the ticker as written by your broker for XAUUSD in the input called “Symbol traded”, then click ok.

Before putting the EA on live account, test it for a few days on demo account on your broker to make sure everything works as it should and you get the same entries and exits as the monitoring signal:

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