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✨Greetings from KAYIN.CO Indonesia | Introducing all the TOOLS & Expert Advisors series “Ai-Jericho”✨ – Other – 1 November 2022

October 31, 2022| Forex Market

Shallom to traders wherever you are, greetings from KAYIN.CO who is domiciled in Indonesia. The discussion material for adapting Indonesian grammar habits was translated into English. So there may be a slight difference in perception, therefore there will be more material reviews via video. Enthusiastic to see many positive things on this very high quality website. Including protection for SELLER’s products is very good & tight. Making KAYIN.CO plan to market its ideas & creations here. It’s just that there may be things that are unacceptable & restrictions are touched, please admin not to quickly issue “banned” but help provide direction & solutions.


Several ideas & creations are offered according to the needs of traders to become proficient instantly as a Personal Financial Market Analyst. Several TOOLS have been compiled which consist of several parts of potential indicators which are assembled into a “wysiwyg” display in one screen that is very friendly and supports live activities.

Given the success in this business, not from a lot of theoretical material that is mastered but a lot of experience for anyone. Of course, for beginner and expert traders, each of them already has a strategy, and certainly not necessarily the case for other traders. In conclusion, to be successful in this business requires consistency and sufficient personal experience.

Our message is that this business is very high risk, because the success is very small, the survey proves only 5% and even then the majority are controlled by world trade makers. So master each market character personally, then you will always enjoy the jackpot on each of your trade executions at the right time.

The available TOOLS allow clients to calibrate according to their personal characteristics & research. The settings in the default state are generally appropriate. It’s just that those who already have experience can immediately use it as a guide when carrying out their trading activities directly from the recommendations displayed. However, it is advisable to get to know the nature & character first in the next few weeks. In principle, every pilot needs time to learn all the cockpit instruments to become proficient before flying the plane.

KAYIN.CO plans to market all parts of the TOOLS in the near future, while adjusting the requirements here to compile them into just 1 program file. Presented all TOOLS and Expert Advisors series “Ai-Jericho” in the form of videos.

Note: At the bottom of each video there is a product link via website marketing The good news is that all of you can use the TRIAL facility [Terms & conditions apply according to company rules] let’s click there..

Thank you for your attention..

The good news is that all of you can use the TRIAL facility [Terms & conditions apply according to company rules] let’s click there..

PRIME indicators + EXPERT ADVISORS [Ai-Jericho]✨ ➾ Coming soon


Welcome to all analyst makers & marketing makers who need to create exclusive MT4 indicator programs to do business and sell them on website | If you need software development services to complete & other tools for marketing materials [logos, videos] etc | KAYIN.CO is ready to build it based on your analysis & experience on some common indicators | The requirement is to provide clear logic & flowcharts. You will get much more than what you paid for [payless].


Trading robots or Expert Advisors are a collection of algorithmic procedures that can be seen displaying important signals to decide trade executions automatically.

Given that every month there must be a unique volatility condition. In order for the execution decision to be more durable and capable in the future, it is required that the Expert Advisors backtest must be able to pass in a fairly long time span.

In conclusion, testing in a longer time span will result in better analysis in the future.

However, as a suggestion, KAYIN.CO always assumes that the winning composition is still 50~50. So to minimize risk and increase wins is to apply the discipline of “probability”. Namely to increase presence by dividing equity into several traded accounts.

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